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You are about to start the journey of your life!

This course and this School will boost your career to the level you have always dreamed of.

From this School, and from the classes of Prof. Vítor Frade himself, emerged coaches such as Vítor Pereira, Rui Quinta, Carlos Carvalhal, Luis Castro, Miguel Cardoso, André Villas-Boas, Pep Lijnders and Vítor Matos, just to name a few.

Now they want to reciprocate what they got, directly to you!

You want this and you deserve this.

Let's go!


This is 4/5 months course on Tactical Periodisation® happening at the same time in three places:

Europe, Asia-Pacific and America.

This will happen on a Blended Learning format, with live online classes and a 2 days in-person part. So, the course will address a theoretical part as well as an on the pitch one. This way, the participants will have a complete idea of the methodology and the chance of putting it into practice.

All the online classes will be recorded and uploaded to our e-learning platform, so don't worry if miss one or two!

You will be assigned a tutor to guide you through the course with one-to-one sessions!

We have 3 partners for this course, the Hamburg Football Association in Germany, Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia and Fresno State University in California, USA.

On each location there will be a 2 days in-person part and, as a participant, you may attend all three with no additional cost, except for travelling, accommodation and food.

A top team of trainers and coaches will be gathered to exceed your expectations and guide you through the course.

We would love to meet you all at every location!


MODULE 1. Vítor Frade's Tactical Periodisation®

1.1. What’s the understanding of Tactical Periodisation® in contrast with the rooted conventional?
*Evolutive and chronological synthesis of the training paradigm.
1.2 . Pattern Morphocycle: Simbolic plan
1.3. The problematization of the «being in shape in sports» in top performance considering 3 dilemmas / fundamental (tri)binomials:
*Performance – Fatigue – Recovery.
*Collective – Individual
*Methodology versus Method(s).
1.4. Systemic Analysis of the Game
*The understanding of the game dimensions (tactical, technical, physical, psychological, strategical) under the light of complexity
1.5. Study cases and practical applications.

MODULE 2. Training as an acquisition process, a systemic modelling

2.1. Intentionality in modeling the process as praxiology.
2.2.The Game Idea as Previous Intension.
*Macro, meso e micro game principles. The interactive principles promoted by criterion
2.3. From Previous Intension to Acting Intensions.
2.4. From Acting Intentions to a collective culture (the individual in the collective)
2.5. Study cases and practical applications.

MODULE 3. The Pattern Morphocycle & Methodological Principles

3.1. The fundamentation of the Pattern Morphocycle through integrative physiology
*The game and metabolic implications. What is really relevant to promote during training?
3.2. Parabiosis and exaltation of collective and individual performance.
3.3. Algorithmic pattern: specificities of "Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday".
3.4. Methodological Principles understood as an “only” principle.
*Methodological Principle of the Propensities.
*Methodological Principle of Horizontal Alternation in (S) specificity.
*Methodological Principle of Complex Progression.
3.5. Practical applications.

MODULE 4. Final Project

4.1 Development of a diary including reflections of all the lectures, doubts, insights, readings and conclusions.



a) Live streaming classes and E-learning contents

b) 2 days in-person training part held in 3 places (America, Europe and Australia), you may attend all three.

DATES: April 1, 2024 to August 31, 2024

DURATION: 4 months of online classes including 2 days of Presential Training in each venue.

SCHEDULE: 2 hours/session, 4 sessions/month from 8am to 10am, Lisbon time*.

TIME IN HAMBURG**: 9am to 11am

TIME IN MELBOURNE**: 6pm to 8pm

TIME IN CALIFORNIA**: 12am to 2am

**If a minimum of 20 participants is reached in a location, a class will be created, with its own schedule, for that same location.

*The schedule (8am to 10am) may suffer some changes due to trainers availability and time differences.


VENUES: United States, Germany and Australia.

Through the whole course, clear and innovative teaching-learning methodologies will be used, allowing you to be challenged and involved in a transformative experience, which will profoundly change your perspective on the game and training and solidify your professional skills.

Deadline to apply: March 15, 2024





1. Fill in this aplication form

2. Click the "Apply now!" button anywhere on this page

3. Send a copy of ID Card (passport will do) and your Certificate of Qualifications (Academic and/or Professional) to [email protected]


Fresno State University - California, USA: May 25 and 26, 2024

Hamburg Football Association - Hamburg, Germany: July 20 and 21,2024

Victoria University - Melbourne, Australia: August 3 and 4, 2024


The price of the Global Executive Diploma will be EUR 3909, paid in full.

Please contact us for more information:

email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: 00351 961953176 - Filipe Morais

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Brief video of previous courses

UEFA Football Ideologies - Portugal

Tactical Periodisation® in the eyes of UEFA

"To study in the Official School of Tactical Periodisation was one of the best choices of my life. To breathe the essence and to feel the spirit of Tactical Periodisation live in Porto was absolutely inspiring and made me fall in love with the people and the city. Tactical Periodisation is not just a methodology- it is a way of life."

- Tim Stegmann, Hamburg, Germany

"My experience on the recent course in Porto was truly enriching. The level of professional knowledge and practical experiences that were shared was as good, and often better than any educational event I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of in my career. When you add in the beautiful setting and cultural immersion, along with the welcoming and gracious hosts and colleagues from all over the world, the gains are immeasurable."

- Brian Zwaschka, California, United States of America


When does the course start and finish?
The Global Executive Diploma starts on April 1, 2024 and goes on until August 31, 2024.
For whom is this course recommended?
This course is recommended for all Head/Assistant Coaches, Directors, Sports Agents, Scouts, Physical Trainers, Amateurs, Youth or Professionals who want to start or deepen their journey in Tactical Periodisation®.
Is coaching experience mandatory?
Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that the candidate has coaching experience.
Is this course only for Football Coaches?
No. Although this methodology has been, and still is, developed for Football it can be "applied" to other sports. If you are a Coach of any other sport we are pleased to receive your registration. We've had students from other sports, such as Rugby, Basketball, Handball, Ice Hockey, etc.
Can I attend more than one in-person part of the course?
Yes! We would absolutely love to see you at every location! Each location breaths a different culture and hosts different people, thus enriching immensely the experience to everyone present.
Do I have to pay extra to attend more than one in-person part?
No. The 3 in-person parts are included in the registration fee, except for travelling, food and accommodation on each location.



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