The Brand

“Tactical Periodization by Vítor Frade” is an internationally registered trademark.

The company "Tática Mágica, Lda", is the management entity of the registered trademark and the only entity legally authorized to operate the brand through a license agreement for the use of the brand held by Professor Vítor Frade.

The Team

We are a group of professionals passionate about football, about the game and about training who, at a given moment in their lives, were made aware of Vítor Frade's methodological vision, a totally different way of thinking and coaching the Game.

From that experience, we became more restless, curious and, above all, much more demanding in relation to what we do.

Doubt became a constant and contextualization, as adequacy, an imperative in our way of being.

Since then, we have maintained a close relationship with Vítor Frade, discussing his ideas, concerns and discoveries.

We have a common passion – the Game as an object of study – and the quest to understand its complex nature has led us to feel that Tactical Periodisation by Vítor Frade is much more than a project.

It is an achievable reality, that shaped us by the impact of its principles, the grandeur and sustainability of Vitor Frade ideas and the pertinence and appropriateness of the use of this methodology in football and, with wide potential of use in other collective sports focused on the Team.

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